Facts & FAQ

QUESTION: What is the employment status of workers supplied by Labor Source of TN. Inc.?

ANSWER: Labor Source is a corporation engaged in the business of supplying temporary help to businesses in the Nashville area. We are subject to all federal, state and local employment regulations and statutes.

QUESTION:Who is responsible for filing all appropriate forms and reports as required by law?

ANSWER: Labor Source is responsible for filing all forms and reports. These include W2s, 941s, 940s and State Unemployment reports.

QUESTION:: Who is responsible for payroll taxes and insurance?

ANSWER:Labor Source withholds and pays all Social Security, Medicare, Federal Withholding and state and federal unemployment taxes. In addition we cover every employee with Worker's Comp and General Liability Insurance.

QUESTION: Can I hire a temporary worker from Labor Source and is there a charge?

ANSWER: Yes, you may hire a temporary worker from Labor Source and there is no fee to you or the worker. We do ask that you work them on our payroll for six weeks before hiring and to contact us with the hire date before you hire them.

QUESTION: How do I open an account with Labor Source?

ANSWER: Simply call, write, FAX or fill out the "Contact Form" on our web page and we will get in touch with you personally and open your account.


Telephone: 615-255-7711

Fax: 615-255-3020

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